julia_here (julia_here) wrote in little_details,

Rainbow Valley, Littlerock, WA

I need to ask a few questions (for a Spike/Drusilla fic set in Western Washington in 1993) about the scene at Rainbow Valley in the early nineties. I don't need to know more about Gideon's legal troubles or his pro-marijuana activism (which I've known about since the Dinosaur Party days anyway); what I'm looking for is an understanding of how many people attended a rock concert there, how many were living there more or less permanently, how many/what kind of bands performed.

I've asked my friends but they all had settled down and had kids by then; my relatives stopped hanging out with Gideon the first time he got a bunch of people busted. Google gets me the stuff that I already know, along with a hand full of dead links to personal sites.

Julia, looking for a jump-start for my muse

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