xtricks (xtricks) wrote in little_details,

British game played with flattened sticks and a ball?

Hm ... I don't have a lot to help out. I'm looking for what I belive is a british (or possibly european) game that is played with somewhat flattened sticks - the ball hit with it. The game is an outdoors one (lots of mud in the dim memories I have).

Anyone know what this game is? And, in particular it's name so I can search properly for it?

EDIT: Excellent! Thank you, everyone. It's Cricket (played with a straight, slightly flattened 'cricket bat'), which should be played on a rolled, flattened field or alternativey, field hockey (played in fields with a curved stick similar but not identical to ice hockey sticks) a more casual game and 'muddy' is a frequent vistor to field hockey.

While I was originally thinking of cricket, I think that field hockey will actually work better for my story - so everyone was right! Yay!
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