Emily (mysticpenguin) wrote in little_details,

Overplayed American pop music of the early '90s

Does anyone remember what other really annoying music was being played to death on mainstream American radio at the same time as 4 Non-Blondes's "What's Up"? Googling I've done says that the song came out in 1992. That's around the time I was going through this weird pre-teen phase where I only listened to classical music and show tunes, so I'm sort of hazy on what other pop music was out then. Everything I come up with is either too early or too late.

Basically I have a character being snide to somebody who really hates "What's Up?" and wants to change the radio station. I'm just not how to fill in the blank for something like "Well sure, maybe if you're lucky we'll get ____."

Not that important, really, but I'm the level of nitpicky where it would bother me to slot in some song that I don't like if it came out in the wrong year.
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