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Irish Christian priests pre-1700

So, I'm writing this novel that takes place from about 1680-1740-ish. It is mostly set in Italy, but the main character spent her childhood in Ireland. Her time in Ireland is only refered to in flashbacks, so everything is mentioned rather briefly, but I still want to make it as real as possible :}.
Now, I'm not Catholic myself, I'm Methodist, and even though my family is Irish I know next to nothing about Irish traditions or Irish Christianity. My research skills aren't the best (especially when I have schoolwork to focus on), and finding information about early (pre-1750) Irish anything seems to be rather difficult. So I have questions!

-The time the main character is in Ireland is the late 1680's. She ends up taking on the form of a puppy (yeah, okay, so I write fantasy novels. Deal with it >D) and living with a priest. Now, if I'm understanding history right (probably not), by this time there was the split between the Anglican and Catholic parts of Ireland. Originally, I had the priest written as 'trained Anglican, converted Catholic,' ie: he was an Anglican priest, now he's a Catholic one. I know nowadays, at least, that can happen, but would it have been feasible back then, or completely outlawed or what?

-Nowadays, Anglican priests are allowed to marry, right? If my research is true, Anglican priests who are married and convert Catholic are allowed to stay married, although there is definitely a very hush-hush attitude towards it...right? Were Anglican priests allowed to marry in Ireland back then, and did the whole conversion/stay married thing exist?

-Would Mass back then in Ireland have been performed in English, Latin, Irish, or all three? The place the priest lives is a pretty small town, a fair distance away from the nearest large city, so I'm assuming people would have been doing most of their day-to-day talking in Irish.

-In a small town, would there just be one priest? I'm horrible with numbers for population size...so all I can describe it as is 'small'. Sorry.

Anyhoo, that's all. Thanks for listening ^^;.
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