Jessi B. (shadowrider) wrote in little_details,
Jessi B.

Treatment for slit wrists?

Hi, I’m hoping for some help or a point in the right direction because I’m not getting the type of results I need through Google.

I have a character who tried to commit suicide sometime in his youth (around 16-18) to escape his psychic powers (he’s clairvoyant). I want him to survive but I want to know a bit about the treatment of such a wound and any therapy that would be needed. I know that slitting the wrist across the wrist is not as effective as using a blade up your arm, from reading. I assume the first would be easiest to survive, but can the second type of wound be treated if caught in time? Would the scarring of either wound be very bad? (In movies/shows it’s always obvious but I wasn’t sure if that’s actually the case in reality.) And would my character be forced into therapy of some kind because of the suicide attempt?

The setting, if it helps, is in a small southern town in the United States.

Thanks in advance!
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