GuinevereKoopa (guineverekoopa) wrote in little_details,

Destruction God Names

So I'm working on this project that borrows a bit from a mix of mythologies. Mostly Greek and Norse because I don't know much about other mythos. Stuff like there randomly being a Mount Olympus and a Styx River and the Angel Kingdom being called Valhalla while the Demon Kingdom is called Nifleheim. It's kind of a non-serious thing, think Nippon-Ichi games.

Anyway, there's this place called Event Horizon, the end of the world, where the final events of the story unfold. And there's a dragon floating at the Event Horizon, tentatively titled Fenrir, the Dragon Sleeping at the End of the World.

This dragon is...kind of a god of destruction, so I wanted to use the name of a God of Destruction for it. Fenrir was the closest I could come up with, aside from Shiva. I don't want to use Shiva, though he IS technically THE God of Destruction, because it has too many connotations, especially for game fans (almost naked ice woman, anybody?)

So my question is... Do you know the names of any gods of destruction that fit nicely in the title of Dragon Sleeping at the End of the World? I'll take any mythology you feel like throwing at me.

Also, sidenote, does anybody know the phrase for "Radiant Wolf" in Spanish? As in the title of my demonslayer, Ymaciel the Radiant Wolf?
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