she of the bicolored hair (otoselkie) wrote in little_details,
she of the bicolored hair

Police holding small children

I have a story in which a nineteen-year-old boy was arrested on a fairly serious charge of tresspassing (there's a system whereby you need an authorization card to go certain places, and he didn't have one). He was carrying his two-year-old sister on his back. My question is, what would the police do with the child? I assume that the parents would be found and she would be returned to them, but where would they put her in the meantime? In a holding cell? With her brother?

ETA: *slaps self* I can't believe I forgot this. The story is set in a made-up world, but the legal system is based on the US (since it's science fiction, I have a little bit of leeway, but I'd like to keep it as accurate as possible).
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