morpheia_7 (morpheia_7) wrote in little_details,

Stupid question

This isn't actually for a piece I'm writing, but I thought that someone here would probably know the answer.

Last night, the old b/w version of Dickens's A Christmas Carol was on and there were two things about which I wondered. Perhaps they would be made clear if I went and read the book, but I don't own a copy and the library's closed on Sundays. Anyway...

1) In the scene where Scrooge sees the ghost of Marley, the latter has bandages wrapped around his head. For what purpose are they?

2) Later on, in the scene where Bob Kratchet's family is sitting down for the evening meal, his wife brings out some sort of flaming dessert. What is this, and why is it on fire?

Thank you for indulging/remedying my ignorance/stupidity...
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