happy scamper girl (rejoicingapathy) wrote in little_details,
happy scamper girl

wheels falling off cars

Let's say I want to destroy my character's mobility real quick, so one of her tires is going to fall off while she is driving.

From searching the cartalk archives, I have decided that this is possible and that it would have warning signs such as vibrating and wobbling around on curves. I am totally clueless on cars. I can probably fudge it with a little more research, but since I'm asking anyway... The warning signs are going to be ignored, no matter how blatant.

The real question is, what would happen to a car when the tire falls off? Obviously the car is not going to be pleased at all, but is it going to flip over or do some marvelous crunch-crash-smashing immediately? If the driver has good reflexes and a better understanding of cars than I, is there anything she should do that would prevent her from dying?

Hopefully no-one has actual experience with this.

Which tire (front or back) is irrelevant. I'd prefer for her to be at highway speeds, but if that means quick death, I can probably make her agree to anywhere as long as the car is in motion. Modern times, the car is "a green station wagon" (I still know nothing about cars), not ridiculously old yet but certainly well-used, and hasn't gotten looked at by a qualified mechanic in far too long.
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