running out of time and one liners (cantspell) wrote in little_details,
running out of time and one liners

Attitudes toward and knowledge about homosexuality in the mid-1970's

Google and Wikipedia have failed me, so I turn to the collective knowledge of this community in hopes of some insight!

The character in question is 13 years old in 1975 and living in an upper-middle class suburban community on the American west coast. Her family is very politically conservative and they are actively church-going Protestants (although they don't belong to one of the more fundamentalist denominations). She goes to a private, although not religiously affiliated, school.

My question is, generally speaking, how much would a girl like this know about homosexuality? Would it be something that she would be warned against in church or would it just never be discussed? Would she hear anti-gay jokes or slurs in school, or was that not common behavior for kids at that time?

If she had a crush on a girl, would it be realistic for her to have a vague notion that this wasn't right or normal (or based on her background, would she instantly think it was 'sinful'?) Would it be too much of a stretch for her, if someone asked her if she was a lesbian, to not have a clear understanding of what that even meant?

Anything you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
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