tabaqui (tabaqui) wrote in little_details,

DNA and police procedure...

Okay - I know you can get DNA from remains, bones, etc. But is there a noticiable difference between 'dead' DNA that's taken from a corpse or bones and 'live' DNA taken from, say, the mouth of a person?

Here's the set-up - you have an undead person - vampire - and the police take DNA to rule this person out as a suspect. *They* don't know the person is undead. Would one look at the DNA make someone scream - this is from a dead person! Or would they only see the markers and say - no, no match - and the whole deak/alive thing not even come into play?


ETA: Daaamn you people are fast! I've got my answers but of course curiosity would welcome any and all info anyone wanted to toss my way.
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