Roo (3_foot_6) wrote in little_details,

paralysis and sex

Thanks so much for all your responses to my last question!

On a completely different tack (since writing classes dictate that I always have more than one story going at one time)...what sort of, if any, sex lives are the paralyzed likely to lead (either paraplegic or quadraplegic, I haven't worked out the details)? I don't really need graphic details, just a "yes they can/no they can't/they can do X but not Y" etc. Would there be an appreciable difference if one had been not just paralyzed but, say, a bit mangled or disfigured in an accident? (Assuming, of course, one had a willing partner, I just wanted to know the likelihood of things still being in working order.)
Tags: ~medicine: paralysis, ~sex
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