appadil (appadil) wrote in little_details,

The Taste of Poison

This might not wind up ever being actually used in anything published since I'm awful about finishing anything I write, but I've got a nonhuman character who is, by nature, completely immune to toxins, and I was struck by the idea of having him occasionally season his food and drink with various poisons. The problem is, google is worse than useless on this front- all I've been able to find is "all poisonous plants are bitter" and "not all poisonous plants are bitter". I've basically given up on discovering any REAL information that way.

I can handle fungi fairly well thanks to my copy of Arora's Mushrooms Demystified, and there's always the cyanide/almond relation, but I'd like a few more options. Does anyone know anything about the taste of anything poisonous, or at least know where I can find some decent information? Also.. don't be hesitant to mention something even if it IS bitter. I've decided that the character in question doesn't particularly dislike most bitter tastes, so it's more of an issue of having correct information than of wanting to rule out a large category of sources.

(, damn. I thought I'd actually joined this community, but it looks like I accidentally friended it instead and since membership isn't required for responses I never noticed that I didn't have posting access. Going to go fix that now. And add back in my subject header which LJ apparantly ate.)
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning
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