Trible (tamtrible) wrote in little_details,

Preindustrial glass "coins"

Due to the magic system, my world needs "official" coinage that is not (and does not contain) gold, silver, copper, or tin. I have decided on specially-designed glass coins/beads/something.
Given basically-medievalesque technology (this is flexible, but it *is* preindustrial, and probably the only help magic will be is making hotter fires with less fuel), which is likelier: thick coin shapes, beads, smooth round marbles, smooth glass lumps, or something else? Also, what coloring agents/patterns would likely be relatively cheap vs relatively expensive (for different denominations of coins--excluding the aforementioned metals, of course)
Factors to consider: ease of counterfeiting (ideally only a fairly large/complex operation should be able to produce the coins with any real efficiency), durability (don't want your money shattering), ease/price of manufacture for a dedicated facility (if it's too expensive to make, they'd just use gems or something instead), and the ability to make clearly distinct, repeatable patterns/colors/types.
I won't need to actually "see" the manufacturing, I mostly need to know if Our Heroine will be paying for her room with brown discs, or blue beads, or catseye-swirl marbles...
Tags: ~glass
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