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Divorce in the U.K.

Again with the weird questions...!

I've been doing some research on divorce in England. This page: has been very helpful, but I still have some questions left over.

I have two characters - one English, one American, who've been married for six years and cohabiting in England. In the event that they attempt to get a divorce, what sorts of roadblocks might delay the divorce for a long time - i.e., a year or more? Basically I want there to be papers floating around that one of them needs to sign, but s/he keeps putting it off. What happens if the Acknowledgment of Service Form (see above site) is not signed and returned by the Respondent in due time? Is the case thrown out of court? Would it be possible to re-use the same AoSF for a second petition to the court?

As far as the financial agreements - might the solicitors draw up an unofficial separate document from the AoSF which they ask both parties to sign BEFORE filing for divorce? This would obviously be an easier solution to my problem, if such a thing ever occurs.
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