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NYC, AIDS, condoms, tomboys

Wow, this is ... a crapload of stuff. SO.

First off, to those who are familiar with New York City: I have a character who is male, in his late thirties (or so), gay (but very much not into the scene), and a washed-up former rock star living mostly off the profits of a couple of fairly successful albums about ten years ago. Any idea where he might reside? I can do research on the neighborhood myself, of course, I just need a jumping-off point. Close proximity to (not at all trendy) bars and (slightly trendier) record shops is a plus, but not necessary.

Second, I've searched the Internet for AIDS timelines, but pretty much all they'll tell me is when the AIDS epidemic began, and not what came before. I recall reading (although I'm honestly too lazy to go verify) that someone infected with AIDS can take up to ten years to show symptoms, so I was curious as to if there have been any links drawn (either scientifically or just social theories, as inaccurate as they may be) between the AIDS outbreak in America the early eighties and the "free love" ideology of the sixties and seventies.

Third, I was wondering as to if there's any difference in feeling (on the receiving end) between having anal sex with and without a condom? I reckon there's enough people into the latter that there must be, but I honestly have no idea what it would be.

Forth, and entirely unrelatedly, I have a character who is a total tomboy (in the terms of being very sports-oriented, being friends with mostly boys, and generally identifying as female as little as is possible before actually qualifying as transgendered), who is (possibly! should things go as expected) about to embark on her first romantic-type relationship. I know her pretty well as a character, so I can probably figure most of it out, but I absolutely cannot get past the stumbling block of the first kiss — which would be her absolute first kiss, ever (he, for the record, is much more experienced). Does anyone have an idea how such a girl would react to such a thing?

First three questions in the mid-eighties, latter present-day, all in universes much like our own.

Ta much!
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