Ben / KC_Risen Phoenix! (kc_risenphoenix) wrote in little_details,
Ben / KC_Risen Phoenix!

Questions About the Salt Lake Desert...

I am writing a long involved story that take place primarily in the Midwest in October...

HOWEVER, an important part takes place some months before... I originally figured about six months before... Crossing the Salt Lake Desert.

For the story, it needs to be hot hot HOT!

It never even occurred to me until last night that it was possible that the Salt Lake Desert might get cold. I crossed it many moons ago and was literally STUNNED by it's heat... And then I get this thought and then I do a little bit of checking and find that in December at least, the Salt Lake Desert is COLD!!

Apparently, since it's at a high elevation and is nestled between two mountain ranges it is cold in the winter!

Who'd a thunk it?

Okay, then!

What months ARE the Salt Lake Desert hot? I need to know soon! The whole story depends upon it. I've written a couple of hundred pages and before it gets anymore f*cked up, I need to make corrections... Obviously, the prolog and its ramifications cannot happen in December. But it doesn't HAVE to be in December. That can be easily fixed. Is the Salt Lake Desert hot in April, May or June?

Thank you!
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