GuinevereKoopa (guineverekoopa) wrote in little_details,

Pheromones and pregnancy

So uh. Pregnant women produce extra pheromones, right? Because of...I dunno, stuff. It's not anything consciously sensed, of course, but I'm certain that it can be subconsciously sensed in some...way. Or form.

I have an FtM who is pregnant. Not obviously so, so there are no physical signs in his appearance. Up until this point he's passed fairly well as a man, not ever really getting a "ma'am" from anybody, even though he is a very pretty young man.

The question here is, would the pheromones be anything serious enough to subconsciously affect his passing? People who are borderline on his androgyny sensing it somewhere in the back of their minds and leaning toward ma'am rather than sir?

More a point of curiousity than anything else, seeing as how a first-person narration wouldn't cover it, but you know >_> Inquiring minds need to know.
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