Faith (lumbabsfan) wrote in little_details,

Rules, if any, for showgirls/dance hall girls, France, 18th Century

For the record, Google can be evil at times because no matter what I put in, I'm having trouble with this. But always glad to come here when I'm desperate and left in the dark.

Writing a B&B fanfic, call it a prequel or spinoff to another one of my stories. Majority of future action will take place in a Parisian dance hall, a la more tame Moulin Rouge sorta thing. The girls are there to entertain, but not necessarily sleep around. It's not a hooker joint. It's basically their call, not required.

However, would there be any "hush hush rules" for this sort of thing, made by the owner/proprietress? Like...a girl could sleep with someone for a bit of pocket change, BUT etc etc? If such a thing did exist, then what were they; if not, what could they be? Le Fleur Noir is a classy little place, after all, LOL =)

This and/or any other important info to know would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for help!
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