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US Legal Qualifications/Child Custody Cases

This story is set in the US, modern day, California. And I think some of the answers may be more opinion than factual, but I have no way of guessing how the ins and outs of the California legal system works:

1) I know that applicants for the California district attorney's office have to undergo a background check. How feasible is it for someone with an arrest record for assault/murder (a charge that they were later found innocent of) to be able to get a job as a lower-level lawyer in the DA's office? The arrest also occurred while the character was still a minor. Am I correct in believing that his arrest record would have been expunged? And, even if it was, would that still be a factor in whether or not he could feasibly get this job as an adult 10+ years later? (I really want to get this guy into this job, so any suggestions for how to wank it would be most appreciated...)

2) Two parents are getting a divorce and fighting over custody of their kids. All other things being equal, would it help the mother's case if she revealed that she'd had an affair and the youngest child wasn't actually her husband's? Am I correct in thinking that the husband would lose his claim on that kid? Also, how is this likely to reflect the decision on the other kids? Will it reflect poorly on the mother that she had an affair? Or would an effort be made to keep all the kids together? (Again, I want the mother to get sole custody of the kids. I just want to know which side should leak the bastard kid's true parentage.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Because I can make what I think are logical guesses about these things, but I have no expertise whatsoever.
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