Kanna Ophelia (kannaophelia) wrote in little_details,
Kanna Ophelia

Lady Di's death

Asking in the hope that someone remembers this better than I do, or was more interested at the time.

I'm trying to figure out what it would have been like to work for a UK tv news show on the night of Diana, Princess of Wales' death, which I'm using as background for a story. I've managed to find a certain amount of mention of the volume of coverage in the US and discussions of the role of the paparazzi prior to the car accident, but otherwise I'm at a dead end.  I'm not interested in the accident itself, only details like: would key personnel be called in as soon as the accident itself was mentioned, in the early hours of the morning/late night, or did the hysteria not pick up until later? At what point did the solid overage begin? Was it immediately apparent that this might turn into a death story? (In other words, at what point did shows start hurriedly knocking obits together?) Is it credible that a (not particularly scrupulous) journalist based in the UK would be flown hurriedly over to France? Did mainstream news shows shell out for crash scene photos?

(And, frankly, I'm not going to trust any article I pull up that calls her Princess Diana, i.e. two thirds of them, because if they're too sloppy not to give her a title she was never entitled to, I have great doubts about their accuracy on other points.)
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