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Androgynity and a pronoun problem

This is not precisely a little-detail question, but since this community is full of writerly types, perhaps someone can offer a stylistic trick that will solve my problem?

Leslie is a character whose gender I don't want to specify through use of she/he/his/her, and definitely not it/its. I suppose that for this particular situation (MTF in mid-transition and likely to stay in that state, as Leslie finds it comfortable and fears undergoing the full operation) se/hir would be an option, but it's too artificial to fit in my film-noir 1st person POV narration.

For the moment I'm having my narrator mention the conflict, decide that Leslie looks to be in a femme mood at the moment, and then use she/her exclusively, but it's a clumsy solution at best. My other choice would be to use Leslie's name exclusively, which would be very repetitive. Is there a more elegant way to refer to my character?
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