Jessica (galfridian) wrote in little_details,

Tourette's Syndrome

In an up-coming story of mine, one of the main characters has Tourette's Syndrome. The character is a teenage boy, around the age of sixteen or seventeen. Now, I have done (and will continue to do) research on Tourette's, as I want to have a broad, strong understanding of the syndrome before I write about it.

My question -- and hopefully someone can answer. as I've been unable to find it so far -- is this: Generally, at what age or ages is Tourette's Syndrome diagnosed? I know that Tourette's is different for each person (and may not necessarily be present until a certain age), but I'm hoping to find an average age. At best, I would like to know the youngest ages it would be possible to identify Tourette's Syndrome. In the story, the boy (Leland) and his family know -- and have known -- that he has Tourette's, but different events are dependent on the age his Tourette's was identified and I want it to be young.
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