tealc_junky (tealc_junky) wrote in little_details,

disciplinary/discharge procedures for gays in the military

I want my characters to observe/be aware of and react to the discharge of someone for homosexuality but, while I've googled gays in the military, discharge of gays from the military, don't ask don't tell and any other phrase I can think of, all I'm getting is discussions of the actual don't ask don't tell policy. What I need, though, is a description of what happens when the military (specifically the Air Force) goes about discharging someone on the grounds of homosexuality. How does it start, how public is it, what kind of trial/proceedings are there, how much evidence is required, how long does it take...that kind of stuff. Any help? :)

Edited to clarify: I'm asking about the U.S. military, more specifically the U.S. Air Force.
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