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Religion, especially weddings, both Catholic and Hindu

What would be required in a Catholic wedding? Are there particular vows that must be said or certain actions that must be taken for the Church to consider the marriage valid?

Ditto for a Hindu marriage.

Is there any way that the two could be combined without involving a lot of repetition of concepts, and without discarding those necessary portions? (Husband and wife's devotion to each other, etc.)

Also, I vaguely recall that Catholic ceremonies tend towards the "the wife is subservient to her husband" idea, and from what I've seen, Hindu ceremonies are similar. Are there any egalitarian variations that are accepted by the two religions? (i.e. The husband and the wife are both subservient to God, or some other variant?)


On a completely different note, how odd would it be for a Catholic church to hold luncheons after services on Sundays? Would that be more typical of a small church or a small community?

Also, could anyone tell me what an "Abhishekam" is? It seems like some sort of Hindu devotion/service, but I can't find any good defintions. (The closest I can find is "installing a deity in the temple".)
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