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Itches and Bras.

Hey Folks--

I'm a boy, and have a question or two regarding the wearing of bras and the general location of related itches//annoyances. Yes, for a story, since the question undoubtedly will come up [as it were].

My Googling produced various informations along the lines of:
--bra itching taking place "where the bra goes around my chest". I assume this means just behind the breasts, under the armpits. ...Right?
--bra labels [which can be removed], seams and clasps can aid the onset of chafing//itching//rashes
--the idea of using lotions, not wearing bras, wearing bras of a different manufacture and making sure to wear clean bras aiding the finding out of what works for you on the issue
--obviously, bra straps falling off of shoulders, bras clasps becoming unclasped.

My Questions
1) Where do you [females, and//or those of us who wear bras anyway] find bra-related itching happens for you?
2) What do you notice between wearing bras and not wearing bras regarding being 'restrained' or 'wrapped up' [or however you wish to call it].

My Point For Asking:
I have a [physically developed] female character who goes from wearing bras very irregularly [almost never] to wearing bras on a daily basis. Since I assume the added piece of clothing will induce various annoyances. That, plus my being a boy who doesn't need a bra to look good in drag, lead to my questions.

Believe me... if I suddenly gained ~75lbs, I'd buy a 'bro' from George Kastanza's father to better understand this from first hand experience.

All help will be grealy appreciated!

Be Seeing You.
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