Jamie (medusa_stare) wrote in little_details,

Okay. This is a little odd, but I'm asking anyway, because I want to know.

Let's say a person was shot in the hand, clean through. He/she then cauterizes the wound, because the bleeding won't stop and he/she doesn't have a better method handy. My question: what will the result look like? Will it heal up into a big scarry mass, will it be almost a hole, or what?

Also, how much weight does it take to crush a person's chest (i.e. suffocate them)?

I swear I'm not always this morbid...

edited to clarify: I'm specifically talking about suffocating a person who is lying down, by putting weight on their chest (pressing down or piling weights). Although all this other info is quite interesting, and is giving me all sorts of ideas...
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~medicine: suffocation

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