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Hacking, game controlers, and violin!stabbing?

I have a character who is a professional hacker - By professional, I mean he has hacked several world banks and a military base. What would be some good, avalible programs [I don't mean your average SpyWare] for a person who knows he's being tracked by this hacker to protect himself with? Also, what would be the estimated time for the hacker to crack these programs [If they're crackable at all.]?

Is it, in all retrospect, possible to strangle somebody with your normal PlayStation/PlayStation 2 controller? The person who is getting strangled/almost getting strangled is in farely good health and weighs about 120-130 pounds. [/does not know if that helps but might as well mention it.]

If you take a.... you know, the things violin's are played with [/does not remember the name of them]... and make it somewhat sharper, is it possible to stab somebody through the heart/abdomen and cause some considerable damage? Would said person who was stabbed live? Would they have splinters in their arteries or some other odd medical problem like that?

[EDIT] - I understand you'd probably have to remove the string to stab somebody with a bow, but is it possible at all?

Thank you for the help!


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