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high altitude Japan while pregnant + violin term

1. A pregnant character is adamant about wedding details. What's the highest spot in Japan (natural + with a view) that she can safely reach that won't harm her child(ren)? link on high altitude and pregnancy; another site said 7000 feet is the cap. I'll guess she's late in the first trimester. Ditching the guests would be a plus in her book, she's above-average physically fit for a Japanese woman, and she has no problem with acrophobia. ....or fences, she says.

2. This is just driving me nuts. In ABC's Monday Night Football (not football, the American one), the long version of the intro music has a distinctive hyper crescendo of violins. Is there a musical term for that?

edit: May we add a music tag please? :)
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction, ~music
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