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fractured clavicle - rehab and recovery rate

I love this comm. <3 I've gone through tags here with no dice. Did research on my own, but I kept getting lost in generalities and/or medical jargon and while what I've already found is enough to get me through this fic (I think), when one has an unpredictable perfectionist for a muse.... ^^;

So our patient suffered from a gunshot wound to the left shoulder resulting in a break (shatter?) in the distal third of the clavicle, which was subsequently repaired surgically. From what I can gather, he will be in a sling for 2-4 weeks minimum and in therapy for the next 4-6 months. The first two weeks will be minimal use, then low-impact after that ... which doesn't tell me a whole lot (though it does tell me no sex, which is driving our patient nuts, but that's a whole nothing story).

The question I have is what would be the physical therapy routine? What I've been able to translate from Medical texts online says range-of-motion for shoulder and wrist/hand, but not pendulum motion because of the surgery. Somewhere I saw a line about water therapy to ease impact, but I have no idea what that would translate into in terms of actual activities.

Also, I'm a little sketchy on the symptoms he'd likely be having. Pain's kind of a given, along with medication to manage it, but how much would this effect dexterity in the left (non-dominant) hand? What I've seen suggests he could have lost some level of fine motor control, but I'm really not clear on how much or how long it would take to restore it to pre-injury levels. Or even if it could be restored (though considering the patient, I doubt he'd settle for anything else).

For the record, our patient is a musician (primarily piano, guitar, and voice) in his middle 30s, physically fit and active, with a known penchant for pushing himself beyond physical limitations on a regular basis. Obviously this sort of injury isn't something he can shrug off so easily, but the entire situation is frustrating to him on a number of levels.

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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