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Elk/Red Deer domestication

Ok I was brainstorming the other day and have this group of people that are going to invade my character's camp and destroy it, etc. Now first thing that comes to my mind in this timeline is that they'd ride horses. But horses are well...overused. Then I thought, why not have them ride on Elk (or Red Deer, since this takes place in 'Europe')? They would be really intimidating and stuff, with the antlers and all that. But here's where I need your help.

Could a human ride one of these massive creatures? The story is fantasy so it can be fixed so it's not really an Elk perse, but I need info if they're tameable, if they are friendly with people, etc. I assume it would take years for people to learn how to tame these beasts, as they're so large but I know nothing of their temperment with people....ahh I'm rambling.

I looked at wiki and the articles it listed and got the usual history and other stuff you get on pages about animals. I googled 'elk domestication' and 'red deer domestication' and didn't really come up with what I'm looking for. Perhaps I'm googling it wrong?

Thanks ^^

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