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Modern Russian Ballet and Dancers Life in General

This is rather long so I'm putting it behind a cut.

I'm brainstorming on ideas for a fic set in modern-day Russia about a ballet company. However, I want it to be somewhat different in that it's an all male-company pushing the boundaries of traditional Russian ballet. I guess my main question is are there many such companies already in Russia like the St. Petersberg Male Ballet and if so how are they received? Also, what ballets are seen as sort of "sacred" in the Russian canon and might cause some controversy if an all-male company were to reinterpret it?

Regarding technique, what adjustments would a male dancer have to make to play the female lead? What advantages would he have versus handicaps? Would a tall fairly muscular man be able to pull the moves off? Does a specific type of physique (height weight etc) serve him better or is it just a matter of skill? Conversely, is there a generally accepted male lead ideal body-type in the ballet world (beyond being fit of course).

Finally, if any kind soul wouldn't mind answering questions simply about daily life in a ballet company I'd be very grateful. My questions are really detailed and would be too extensive to post here. For example, where would most dancers in a typical Russian ballet company live? Apartments? How do Russian dancers earn money? I'm also interested in knowing things as detailed as the little tricks almost all dancers know from caring for shoes, tights etc to dancers' eating habits.

Sorry this was so long-winded. Thank you!

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