Nomad (nomadicwriter) wrote in little_details,

Recovery after a tib-fib fracture.

My character was hit by a car about six weeks before the story happens, and broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg. It was fixed surgically with the insertion of an IM rod, and he's just been upgraded from the long cast to a knee-toe length walking cast that he can put a bit of weight on. (He's had the walking cast less than a week.)

What I'm really after now is the little details of what life is like for him at this stage in the recovery process, to try and add a little veracity. Stuff like:

* What are the worst difficulties with dressing, sleeping and bathing/showering? Any other mundane activities the cast might make really awkward?

* How well could he get around without his crutches? Would he be able to hobble a few steps unaided, or could he only do that if he was clinging to the furniture?

* What kind of pain/discomfort might he be in? I know he's using muscles and joints he hasn't for a while, so where is he likely to have aches and stiffness?

Basically, anybody who's been in that kind of cast or knows someone who has, any details you can give me on how it makes life difficult would be wonderfully useful. Thanks!
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