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EDIT: The desert is near a mountainous area, so is likely higher altitude. I think it would be similar to the desert area in the US, only I know for a fact this desert is larger.

I have an athletic 13-year old girl with mild blood volume loss who is a little beat up but otherwise in good shape. She's now found herself in the midst of a desert at night with no clothing. (A firey explosion, with magical healing was the cause, the desert thing is a little harder to explain...)

Anyway. She does have a companion to keep her warm, but they've just nestled down a little into the sand and went to sleep. My questions are:

1) How cold does it get at night in the desert? They likely aren't in the *middle* of the desert, but it still is a desert.

2) Would she be able to stay warm enough without some kind of blanket or clothing? Her blood loss is the concern here, mostly. It's enough to make her anemic.

3) What about the heat the next day?

I obviously know nothing about a desert and have never been in one myself. Does anyone have anything else I should know about the situation? This is a role-playing campaign setting switch on the part of my co-GM, so I'm not responsible for the entire story or anything, but I'd like to go into things with the right ideas in mind.

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