Trible (tamtrible) wrote in little_details,

Detecting childbirth complications...

Seting's quasimedieval fantasy, Our Heroine's a midwife. The childbirth is Going Wrong, and will require a C-section (basically, the mom's too small and the baby's too big). Assuming use of magic is minimal (that is, until she knows or suspects a problem, she's just going on relatively high-quality Standard Midwife Training with medievalesque equipment), at what point in the process would she know or strongly suspect something is wrong, and what signs would there be?
Also, if anyone feels like throwing in links to or discription of a relatively short/coherent timeline of a "normal" childbirth (first baby, if that matters), and/or era-appropriate medical babble for when Our Heroine comes onto the scene (would she discuss spacing of the contractions? If so, since they didn't exactly have watches, what time unit would be used and such?), that would be gravy.
Please excuse the insane overuse of parentheses.
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: reproduction

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