Jessi B. (shadowrider) wrote in little_details,
Jessi B.

Folk Superstition and Magic in the South

First time poster, so hi! I’m looking for some information regarding folk superstition and magic. I live in the south, so I know a few off hand things. Ex.: To get rid of a wart cut off the wart and sprinkle five drops of blood onto corn, then feed the corn to a hen. If you can peel an apple without breaking the peel it will be in the shape of the first initial of the person you’ll marry.

I’d like to find a list of and/or essay about folk superstition and magic. However I’m not pulling up anything really useful on my google searches and I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. If not, could you share any superstion you’ve heard?

If it helps the character this will be used for is an older woman, in her sixtys, and has been considered a witch by the community around her (it’s modern times but set in a rural southern area) and does in fact have powers.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Sorry, and this would be the American South.

Later Edit: Thanks for all the help, I'm starting with the FoxFire books (My dad has them as it turns out) and going through some of the online sources now. I’d still appreciate any superstitions/customs people have to share. Another one I forget to list for anyone interested, is March Water, which my mom used to make. You’re supposed to put out containers to catch the first snow of March, then let it melt and put it in jars to treat burns.
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