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Reference books for historical everyday life

Liza Picard has written a series of books on life in London throughout history. I've read the first one all the way through, I've got the second one, and I haven't seen the later ones yet.

Elizabeth's London - 16th century
Restoration London - 17th century
Dr. Johnson's London - mid-18th century
Victorian London - late 18th century

They're about the lifestyles of regular people as opposed to royalty (some of that information must have been hard to track down for the earlier books), and they cover topics like birth and death, medicine, food and drink, entertainment, architecture, transportation and the layout of the city, education, politics, social structures, and a lot of other stuff I can't remember at the moment.

They're interesting if you want to know about London specifically, but they're also really good for getting a picture of what life would be like in an era with less advanced technology than our own.
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