tiny rage cakes (lesstraveled) wrote in little_details,
tiny rage cakes

Russian alcohol + Portuguese tourism

I have this RP character who went to Russia, and picked up some vodka to take back as a souvenir, sort of thing. My question is, what sort of brands are available there, and which ones carry certain connotations -- like, are there certain kinds that anyone not the equivalent of a frat boy would never buy, or what's considered more top-of-the-line, that kind of thing? (Pictures/sites for the products would be helpful too, if that's possible!)

edit: Erk, okay, pulling double-duty for this post. I also have to reference some sort of famous spot in Portugal; it's only one or two throwaway lines (like, "I went to ____ and the ____ was [adjective], as usual"), but even though I've been to a bunch of tourism sites I know those can often have little bearing on reality, so was wondering if I could get some input from firsthand travelers? Something from the Alentejo or north Portugal region and not in a very urban area, if possible. Am flexible on this, though.]
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