Kaida Stormshadow (dawnsio_llwynog) wrote in little_details,
Kaida Stormshadow

Medical Procedures

[background] I have a character who is going to collapse from exhaustion. She's been up on stage dancing and singing, so she's physically tired, but nothing major. However, she's going to be expending some massive amounts of magical energy in a very short period of time, and the backlash is going to translate itself in her body as severe physical and mental exhaustion. Cue collapse, and worried friends rushing her to the hospital when they realise she didn't simply faint.

So, here's my questions: How would she be treated? Would they keep her for observation? If so, how long? (The doctors either won't know about, or accept magic, so they'll only be focusing on her physical syptoms.)

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
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