love sonnet XVI (zodiacstargazer) wrote in little_details,
love sonnet XVI

Military questions

This could be a bit general, but I hope to get my question answered instead of recieving something akin to war stories on Google. --;

Thing is, I'm writing a story revolving around a war for NaNoWriMo. What I'd like to know is, what are the exact order of positions in the military and what benefits do they have? If you're a general, what privileges would you have, etc.? A basic list would be helpful.

Also, should you be labeled as a traitor to one side of a war, what would be the possible consequences, from worst (I would assume death) to the least worst?

Last question: If you are a colonel or something higher in the military, and is to be a hostage for the other side, what would the course of action be? Would a meeting take place to get the colonel back? Or what?

^^ Thanks.

ETA: To be more specific, the time period I would be going for would be some sort of a Middle English era, I suppose. Since my story is fantasy, there would be a few modren bits thrown in (such as guns, and low-tech computers. When I say low-tech computers I mean computers without Internet, or AOL, or anything else. I'd say computers dating before the 1990's.)
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