chanphenglew (chanphenglew) wrote in little_details,

Chico, California

Years ago, I was hitchhiking in California and got a ride from someone who lived in Chico. I ended up hanging there for a few days. My friend lived in a trailer surrounded by bamboo, just off the main drag. We went out to a park, way outside the city for a picture. Actually, this was almost 30 years ago.

As a result of the poll I set up on my LJ, it looks like I will have to set the next section of my story in Chico. When I googled it, I realized that the Chico I remembered is probably not like the Chico of today. The park I remembered, Bidwell Park, now seems to be within the city itself.

Anyway - is there anyone who has been through Chico recently? Does it retain its own character or are there new housing developments ringing the city? Has the down town area retained its character? Are the malls drawing trade to the outskirts?

If anyone wants to vote in my poll, it's on my LJ. Maybe you can vote for "any place other than Elko."

Thanks in advance.
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