GuinevereKoopa (guineverekoopa) wrote in little_details,

Crossdressing in the medieval times

World = Medieval Technology, with the ability to slightly bend things to my whim using magical technobabble.

Now here's the thing. One of my characters is an MtF. That is, he was male, and decided, hey, I'm really a woman at heart. So for the past 4, 5, 6 years or so, he's been living his life as a woman.

I need to know what sort of things would be available for him to present this illusion with. That is, for lack of a more specific phrase, how would he stuff his bra and make it look believable?

I phoned a friend for this one and he suggested waterskins of proper size and shape. But filled with a substance relatively thicker than water (we came up with the idea of a thinned-out mud, since the waterskins would be airtight and it wouldn't dry up).

How believable would this kind of a thing be? Or, if possible, any better suggestions would be gladly taken.
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