tune my heart to sing Thy praise (beyondadream) wrote in little_details,
tune my heart to sing Thy praise

MCL injury

I did learn a lot from google, e.g. the valgus test and how to care for a ligament injury, and the terminology for the various ligaments (when I started this search I didn't even know which ligament would be injured). However, there are a few things that I cannot find the answer to because my situation is somewhat odd.

1.) If a person suffered a partial tear to the MCL and did *not* receive proper treatment for it for three months (i.e. no ice, no brace, no therapy, and it's probably further abused during that time as well--the person is shoved down when he stands up, jerked to his feet when he stays down, the leg is kicked out from under him purposely, etc.), what kind of condition would the knee be in after those three months without care? How much use would he have of it? I know after a typical MCL injury the person is still ambulatory, but would that still be true in this situation?

2.) Given the above circumstances, what's the prognosis for this? I assume he'll always have a limp, but will it be slight? Severe? Will he be easily knocked off balance? Will it hurt him, or just be stiff? Will he need surgery immediately, eventually, or not at all?
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