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Deer Hunting in Mississippi

so! one of my characters is a native of weir, mississippi, and he decides to do some deer hunting (around this time). i happen to know next to nothing about mississippi, and even less about deer hunting, so.

what's the best weapon to hunt a deer with? bow and arrow? rifle? what is a deer blind? i looked up a place called harriswood plantation; can someone tell me how close/far it is from weir? how would one, um, deflesh a deer? what do you start with?

some sort of deer hunting glossary would be good . . . if it's specific to mississippi, even better.

also, i've never handled a gun of any kind; can someone describe what a "recoil" is? ugh i sound like a plebe.

help is much appreciated. if i come up with more questions, i'll edit later.


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