"Smokin' hot." (without_me) wrote in little_details,
"Smokin' hot."

Film industry references, anyone?

I'll take "Things that a mid- to high-level actor would think really suck" for $500, Alex.

When the ______ deal/project fell through...

When he started getting voicemail every time he tried to call ______...

I think I'm probably looking for, say, a big-shot movie exec's name in the first one--Cameron comes to mind, but that's because I have Entourage on the brain; I want something that will resonate with the average reader. For the second, all I can come up with is "his agent/publicist," but I don't want to imply that my protagonist is on the skids in Hollywood; I'm looking for someone he thought he was close to on some kind of personal level, but has now realized he really isn't. (And a romantic ex won't work for the situation.)

I'm not wedded to those exact sentences, so other suggestions would be gratefully considered!
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