Luna Hoshino (luna_hoshino) wrote in little_details,
Luna Hoshino

Infected wounds and that sort of fun stuff

Hello, first post, blah blah blah fishsticks. :) This seems like an incredible community for someone who is as nit-picky as I am about details, and I'm so glad I found it.

That being said, here's my question (I couldn't find a good answer on Google, and despite the fact that I'm the weird chick who likes to read medical textbooks and the like for fun:

What would happen to someone with an infected wound if the wound was sealed up (let's say by healing magic) while still infected? I know that you MUST keep an infected wound open to allow for drainage, so I can only imagine that sealing it would be a Bad Thing. I just don't know exactly what would happen.

Any med students or doctors here who could help me out on this one?
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