Delphi (atdelphi) wrote in little_details,

Bronze Age Breasts

This might be a bit of an odd question even for here, but I'm coming from a family full of very early bloomers and all the websites I've looked at are understandably broad on the subject of ages, so...

As it pertains to a slender girl, what would be the latest age at which you would think she could pass for a boy without a shirt on? I know breast development is usually one of the first signs of puberty, so in practical experience, what is the farthest age of the range when it might normally begin?

(I'm writing about a young Minoan girl in the Bronze Age who's mistaken for a boy after travelling to Egypt, and who then has to maintain her disguise with a bare chest throughout her journey -- I'd just like to know how old I could plausibly have her be by the end of it.)

ETA: Wow, that was quick - thank you very much, all!
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