Sweet Miss E (bergeronprocess) wrote in little_details,
Sweet Miss E

Trees, plants, and fruits on a deserted island

EDIT: I don't need any help anymore. I got good answers. Thank you!
I tried searching for this on Wikipedia and Google, but all I got were botany-type explanations of how fruits are made and whatnot, leaving my question unanswered. So, I bring it to you good people, hoping to find some answers.

The story is set on a small Pacific island, maybe 2-3 hours from the northernmost Hawaiian island (Niihau). This island has a beach and a jungle. What kind of trees--aside from palm, of course--would grow there? What about plants? What kind of fruits would seem logical? I'm thinking mangoes, but there have to be other fruits around.

Thank you for any and all help!
EDIT: Thank you everyone! I don't need any more help.
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