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Police procedure in specific case of child abuse

I have tried Googling, but I don't want information about general cases, but rather whether a specific situation that I've written could ever happen. (Cut for slight rambliness, not for anything very upsetting or squicky)

A teenage boy is getting physically abused by his father - his mother is aware of what's going on but doesn't care. One night the boy snaps, fights back, injuring his father (breaking his nose and causing light burns) and his mother calls the police on him. He is arrested but explains the situation. His mother confesses and says that she won't press charges for the assault on his father if they don't press charges for child abuse. The boy is then sent to live in care.
Is there any way that the parents wouldn't be punished for this? I would imagine it would involve a jail sentence.
Is any of this remotely plausible?
I really don't want the boy to be sent to jail, but I do want him to end up in care.
The setting is Japan, twenty years in the future, in a pretty dystopian society. So I can make use of police/social worker corruption if I need to.
Any help much appreciated.

Edit: I think I'll remove the police involvement altogether. Thanks everyone!
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