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Amputation and rehab

Hi all. New here. I found this community when I decided to make a community exactly like it and someone pointed out that it already existed. ^^;

Anyhoo. My google-fu is failing me on this. I'm looking for information on rehabilitation after losing part of a leg.

I have found out that learning to walk on a prosthetic leg requires you to exercise your residual limb and keep it strong while it's healing. I've also found descriptions of the kind of exercises a person can do on their own while still confined to a bed or chair-- leg lifts and so on.

What I'd like to find is some details on the whole physiotherapy process, especially the actual 'learning to walk' stuff. Are the physiotherapy sessions really as exhausting and painful as smarmy feel-good TV movies would have us think? How long does it take from the first time you stand on a prosthetic to the time you can walk around unaided?

When I get around to writing it, some of it will be altered from realistic reality, because my fandom is magical fantasy. Healing will definitely be faster, for example. But I need something to start with so that I'm not completely out to lunch on my depiction.
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